Blog Topic Schedule

With the September events completed and the Power BI Cookbook published I’m now fully focused on Mastering Power BI.

A few ideas for future blog posts:

  • Investing in SSAS Tabular DirectQuery
    • DirectQuery noted as ‘strategic’ going forward; performance gap with import models expected to decrease
  • Simplifying the MSBI stack in 2018
    • Potential consolidations and integrations we may see
  • Power BI ideas and enhancements that would benefit enterprise deployments
  • Future of the M language in MSBI
  • Can Tableau or Qlik do this?
    • Alternative definitions, visions and capabilities from top BI vendors
  • Should social or political activism become a normal part of technology events?
    • If you say ‘no’, does that make you an evil or insensitive person? (No, I don’t believe so)


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