Power BI Desktop Feature Update Documents

Hi All –

To help track and review the new features of Power BI Desktop as it evolved since last September I maintained the following four documents:

PBI Desktop Monthly Updates

Each document identifies the features and enhancements specific to the given authoring component within PBI Desktop (data source connections, query editor, modeling and visualization) for the given monthly update (if there were any) and also includes some supporting notes and images. It’s amazing to see how far PBI Desktop has come over the past year – 230 distinct new features/updates across the product with much more coming soon. (Looking forward to announcements and guidance at MS Ignite)

In retrospect OneNote may have been the better choice for this content over MS Word (the formatting isn’t the best to put it lightly) but nonetheless I personally found this useful as a quick high level reference. The Power BI team does a very good job of providing updated documentation here: Power BI Documentation

I’ll continue to update these documents with upcoming monthly releases. Over the next 1-2 weeks I plan to publish a short technical paper on parameterizing an Excel report via cube functions and DAX.

Note: If you didn’t catch last week’s blog I’ve recently moved back to the Boston area to start Frontline Analytics, LLC so in the short term at least this may limit the depth and frequency of my blog posts.

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