BI Assessment

Would you like a Power BI and MSBI expert to review your current state environment and answer your top architectural, licensing, and governance questions?

A BI assessment from Frontline Analytics includes a deep technical analysis of your current state to pinpoint gaps and risks to be aware of as well as potential quick wins and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, the Frontline team reviews common and best practices to effectively design, deploy and manage Power BI and MSBI solutions.

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Here are some common scenarios that may benefit from an assessment:

  1. You’ve started using Power BI and you want to deploy it more broadly or with greater adoption and success across the organization.
  2. You’re using Analysis Services Tabular (SSAS Tabular or Azure Analysis Services) but you’re experiencing issues such as performance, resource utilization, unexpected or incorrect results, management overhead, etc.
  3. You’re evaluating Azure Synapse Analytics as the data warehouse for your BI solutions and seeking guidance on setup and configuration for performance and monitoring
  4. You have many Excel and SSRS reports and you’d like to replace at least some of them with Power BI reports and dashboards.
  5. You’re interested in growing a Power BI and MSBI team but you’re not sure which specific skills or experiences you should look for or include in interviews.
  6. You’re essentially new to Power BI and want to evaluate features and deployment options relative to your current BI tool(s).
  7. You’re an ISV and you want to embed Power BI into your application(s) but you have limited Power BI experience or skills on your team.
  8. You want a robust evaluation of your analytical dataset (be it Power BI or Analysis Services) or multiple datasets including source queries, dimensional model, DAX measures, etc.
  9. You want a targeted assessment of a specific component of a solution such as your M queries or specific DAX measures.