Housekeeping Update, Dynamic Ranking with DAX Next Week

Thanks for visiting. Since last week I’ve added a blog schedule and a list of useful links on the resources page.

A few general points prior to next week’s dive into dynamic ranking with DAX:

1. Though the content of each post will be researched and validated as much as possible it may not reflect the very ‘best’ technical design and I’ll surely make a few mistakes here and there. There are almost always multiple ways of solving the same problem and it’s often the case that the very ‘best’ approach from a technology perspective isn’t realistic from a time or budget standpoint. I’ll focus my posts on solutions and techniques that offer high overall value in terms of scalability, development effort, and analytical power.

2. For the first 2-3 months I’ll be heavily focused on SSAS Tabular and the DAX query and formula language but over time I’ll cover ‘back end’ data warehouse topics such as ETL/ELT scenarios and design, Power BI, statistics and machine learning models, big data and much more.

3. Most of the posts will be a ‘how to’ guide with detailed steps and supporting images and explanations. Deeper technical explanations of how or why certain solutions or tools operate as they do will be limited (not non-existent).

See you next week.

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