Happy Independence Day, Update

Happy Independence Day everyone.

I know this blog has been quiet for 2-3 weeks but here are a few updates:

  • I’ve revised the blog topic schedule for the upcoming four weeks to focus on using DAX for date analysis (e.g. moving averages, year over year trends, etc) and Budget/Forecast versus Actuals patterns.
  • Several other future topics are listed as well but given the prevalence of DAX throughout the MSBI stack (SSAS Tabular, Power BI Designer, Power Pivot for Excel) and other factors (product roadmap, my current projects, opportunities to innovate) DAX will likely play a role in many of my blogs.
  • I’ve updated the ‘About’, ‘BI Tools’, and ‘Delivery Methods’ pages. So at a bare minimum I don’t have a ‘Null’ value on any of my blog pages and viewers have at least some idea of why these pages exist. The ‘Solution Design’ page is gone as this content can be covered in the blogs themselves.

I’ll continue to refine the blog and experiment in different areas (pics, vid?) but ultimately I’ll be focused more on the relevance and depth of the blog posts themselves.

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