Why no blogs, Brett?

First let me apologize to anyone that came away from this blog disappointed over the past several months. Though I have essentially no web design or blogging experience I was excited for this blog originally but haven’t posted anything since last July.

So why no posts?

-In July of last year, shortly after my last blog post, I accepted an offer as a BI Technical Architect for Tata Consultancy Services. This change entailed moving as well so with my new company, new client, and the relocation blogging just didn’t seem to be the best use of time.

-Honestly, I didn’t enjoy writing technical blogs. Of course I loved the underlying theory and technology but it’s just not as rewarding as the application of these tools and knowledge to real world problems. So between technical blogging with sample/fictional data and work or studies related to my immediate projects it’s a pretty easy choice.

-In my view there’s too much talking/blogging in BI and data as is and it’s hard not to feel a bit pretentious or self-important in composing a blog. I’m more comfortable with the approach of just quietly listening, studying, and sharing what you know that’s most relevant to the problems/decisions at hand.

-If you haven’t noticed, the Microsoft data platform and specifically Power BI has been evolving at an unbelievable rate. A blog post I could’ve written on Power BI Desktop in October, for example, would likely be completely irrelevant at this point given all the new features and enhancements to this tool. It’s a significant investment of time just keeping up with the BI products and roadmap.

-There are some exploratory blogging styles that maybe I could try but in general you only blog about topics you’ve already learned. So while you definitely refresh and sharpen your knowledge to compose a good technical blog I’d just rather allocate this time to learning something new.

All this being said I still want to keep this blog and tentatively plan to write one blog per month. This post won’t necessarily be technical ‘how to’ but more general thoughts related to data technologies and data project delivery.


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