Monitor On-Premises Data Gateways


The document available for download from the following link details an approach and considerations in monitoring the On-Premises Data Gateway (formerly Power BI Enterprise Gateway):

On-Premises Gateway Monitoring

In the future I’ll likely follow up this paper with A) specific findings on resources used by different source types (Import/Scheduled Refresh, Direct Query, Live Connection to SSAS) and B) new considerations given Business Application Platform support and availability of new gateway administration and monitoring tools.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks so much for sharing!

      I reproduced the similar work on my machine and it worked fine. However, after I updated the on-premise Data gateway by the end of Aug, metrics like “# of all queries executed” somehow declined to 0 till now (before updating, there were around 200 queries per month). And the gateway worked fine at the same time, so I am wondering maybe some configuration/setting up is off after updating.

      Would you or anyone has an idea on what happened here?

      Thank you in advance!



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