SSDT Integrated Workspace, FLA Logo

Hi –

The bad news first: No parameterized Excel cube function (MDX) to DAX measure blog post tonight…or tomorrow. It just didn’t make the cut without severely limiting the quality of the example and design considerations. I expect to have this published this weekend.

Good news: If you haven’t heard yet, SSDT for Visual Studio 2015 now includes an Integrated Tabular Workspace for SSAS Tabular projects. Using a local instance of SSAS or a development server instance for workspace databases has been a pain so this, coupled with the Tabular Model Explorer means very significant productivity boosts for BI teams and developers with their SSAS Tabular 2016 projects.

At the moment workspace retention is frozen in the new workspace mode to unload from memory. Sometimes, for larger workspaces and when you have ample memory on your local PC, an in-memory option like we have with the standard workspace server would be nice. Additionally, something in SSDT that compares or tests your target deployment server with your version of integrated workspace to ensure compatibility would be a nice add in the future. (Patiently waiting for more DAX support in SSMS as well)







More good news: Frontline Analytics will soon have a logo. Here are some samples:


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