Weight Loss Trend with Power BI

Like many of you out there, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing challenge. I’ve always liked to exercise but stress, inadequate sleep, and binge eating of high carb, sugary foods has generally more than offset these efforts.

So a few months ago I started dieting again and this time I’m using Power BI to monitor results:

Weight Loss Trend

  • The linked report uses the publish to web feature of Power BI
    • The report could be embedded into this blog post directly as well.
    • In future blog posts here and for Frontline Analytics I’ll be using Publish to Web for examples of various BI dev/design patterns (not just PBI, Excel and SSRS too).
  • The source dataset is nothing more than a spreadsheet with a two-column named table
  • The DAX for the metrics in the cards at the top is basic – syntax for two of the metrics is at the bottom
  • A trend line (dotted) is being used from the new Analytics pane in Power BI Desktop
  • The background image uses the Page Background formatting with Image Fit set to Fill.
    • I jog at this park regularly – Fall in New England is always great for getting outside
    • My goal is 175 but more importantly I want to stay there comfortably. We’ll see.

Note: I make no claim of being a ‘visualization expert’ and very little time went into this – I primarily wanted to work with the embed codes. Here’s a good post on visualization from Rob C.


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