Update: Tune, Blog, YouTube Channel

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and weekend. Here’s a quick update for the next few weeks:

As mentioned previously this event (and last week’s Boston Code Camp) are top priorities over blogs. Like the Intro to DAX session, with so many features and related considerations in SSAS 2016 maintaining the 60 minute limit is a challenge. I’m following the same approach as code camp in that I try to maximize the allotted time by covering a breadth of topics and reference materials/examples but not necessarily go deep into details or demonstrations on any one topic.

  • Tuning Part II Coming in December

The DAX Query Tuning post from a couple weeks ago received a surprisingly high view count (wasn’t sure how widespread the use case was) and I expect to have a follow up ‘real world’ example in mid December. The optimizations described in that post were limited to ‘low hanging fruit’ query changes – the model and metrics themselves were unchanged.  The scope of Part II isn’t 100% clear yet but will contain multiple enhancements implemented related to compression, relationships, metric re-design, partitioning and probably more. (Testing is ongoing but I expect a similar takeaway message as Part I – large results via solid fundamentals)

After the new year I’ll start uploading short (maybe 5-10 mins) videos that help describe various MSBI technical and consulting topics. I have no video editing experience and the budget at Frontline Analytics is limited (ie don’t expect Guy In a Cube level quality) but I think that video is the more natural, effective medium than words with screenshots/images for certain posts. Hopefully this will be a win-win scenario – content will be more consumable and producing content will be a bit easier (and maybe more interesting) for me.

Two more quick notes:

  • Did you see that a scale out option for SSIS is coming in the next release of SQL Server? This of course changes many ETL and data warehouse architecture and design scenarios – it will be interesting to learn more about this feature in future updates
  • I’m no longer updating my Weight Loss Trend report. I reached a point that I’m comfortable with and now it’s ‘just’ a matter of maintaining the new lifestyle. If you question the validity of the numbers you can see the difference for yourself.

I’ve applied Run Length Encoding compression to my calorie intake.


  1. Excited to see you start doing YouTube videos! Don’t compare yourself to what I’m doing today. Look at what I was doing when I started. It was awful! Just start cranking them out!


    1. Thanks Adam! I’m not sure if I’m video and/or voice friendly (and I actually like to write) but we’ll see how it goes.

      Thanks for all you do and we’d love to have you as a guest speaker at a Boston BI User Group meetup after the holidays if it could work with your schedule.


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