SSAS Tabular 2016 SQL Saturday Presentation


The PowerPoint deck used in today’s SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 Tabular presentation at SQL Saturday # 575 in Providence, Rhode Island is available for download from the following link:

SSAS Tabular 2016 SQL Saturday PowerPoint

Please note the embedded MS Word documents on the following slides: 10, 12, 18, 19, and 24. These documents contain relevant reference and supplementary material to the given topic. Also, here’s the .DAX file I briefly walked through that contains examples of the following DAX functions: DATEDIFF(), SUMMARIZECOLUMNS(), UNION(), INTERSECT(), EXCEPT(), NATURALINNERJOIN(), ISEMPTY(), MEDIAN(), SELECTCOLUMNS(), and VAR (variables, #9a and 9B).

DAX Function Examples

Thanks to the SQL Saturday organizing team, Bryan Cafferky, sponsors and attendees for making it all possible. I’ll likely follow up with additional content over the next couple weeks and will also post to the SQL Saturday site.


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