SSAS Tabular and Power BI Interview Template

The document available for download below contains 74 SSAS Tabular and Power BI job interview questions and supporting answers (with probing questions) across the following five topics:

  • Data Modeling (33)
  • DAX (10)
  • Power Query/Query Editor (9)
  • Power BI Report Authoring (11)
  • Power BI Service and Collaboration (11)

Power BI and SSAS Tabular Interview Template

The topics and questions are diverse enough to support multiple interview scenarios – an initial phone screen for a Power BI developer or a more senior technical lead role for designing large SSAS models. The questions to select and level of depth required of course varies by team and project scenario. (Is the organization or project just getting started with Power BI or is there already a large, complex deployment? Does the team or project have certain knowledge gaps the position needs to fill or experience in a particular topic that can offset a candidates’ weakness?)

I’ll plan to update this document later this year to incorporate Azure Analysis Services, Power BI On-Premises, and all the new Power BI authoring and collaboration features that will be added throughout 2017.

Feel welcome to provide feedback on questions or concepts you believe should be included or any ‘issues’ you have with the template generally. Maybe over time I’ll incorporate SSRS, SSIS, and SQL Server as of course these tools are also often relevant for SSAS Tabular and Power BI job roles.



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