Power BI Desktop Update – Feb 2017

The February 2017 version of Power BI Desktop was released yesterday (2/8) and I’ve updated my monthly new feature reference documents to GitHub if you’d like to download.  These were recently caught up to January and I provided a brief description of their purpose and scope in this blog post.

Overall this release represents a solid upgrade with improvements in query productivity, visual formatting, and some well targeted analytics enhancements as well. The new PowerApps connector could open up some interesting scenarios as it becomes more common and not every monthly release needs to contain flashy or ‘game changing’ new features. I believe the two new ‘quick calcs’ for the matrix visual will be utilized heavily (as they are in Excel pivots) and the axis font size and category width address important chart formatting needs.

In future releases I’m looking forward to calculated measures on top of live connections to SSAS and for the ‘PivotTable-like’ improvements to continue for table and matrix visuals.

Additionally, if you didn’t see the SSAS/Power BI interview template post I’ve uploaded this Word and PDF doc to GitHub as well. You can download it here. I’ll likely update these documents in a few months to better reflect new features and increase the focus on SSAS 1200 compatibility level+ models and DAX.

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