Updated Power BI Desktop Feature Docs

I finally got around to updating my Power BI Desktop Feature reference docs (through January 2017) on github:

Power BI Desktop Feature Reference Docs

As mentioned before, these are simple tables in Word doc format that identify and, to a very minimal extent, explain the feature or enhancement made available by month, by product area (modeling, connectivity, query editor, authoring and analytics). You can use the links on the title page to access specific months.

Like many of you, a good portion of my time is outside of Power BI Desktop itself as I’m working on all the other components of the solution (the SSAS Tabular model, the SSIS packages, the gateways, etc). Therefore, when you’ve been generally away from PBI Desktop for 1-2 months a simple reference doc of what’s been added or changed, where to find it and what it does can be useful.

Please advise if you have issues downloading or using these docs or if you have any ideas or questions on improving them. (I’ve thought about using OneNote or alternative formats for this material but this seems to suffice for now)


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