A New Power BI Partner

On Tuesday I received word that my new company, Frontline Analytics, has been approved as an official Power BI Partner. My thoughts on starting the company were shared several weeks ago in A New Project: Frontline Analytics.


a-new-partnerIt’s surely coincidental but my first MSBI consulting job was with GNet Group so it’s interesting to see Frontline listed next to my former employer.

*I’m sorry for the delay with technical posts (per the web stats that’s about all you care about :)) but A) there’s A LOT that goes into starting a business and B) I should have more capacity after the upcoming technical events/presentations.






  1. Congratulations on becoming a Power BI partner. I am seeking down the a similar path as you and was wondering if you could give me some tips on the process you took to become a partner. You seemed to have become a partner quite quickly, which is impressive and seems like you are steadfast in your goals.
    Thank you for any feedback.


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