1. Hi , Thank you for the Excel model, this will be very helpfull.
    I am trying to refresh the sheet using my own SSAS Server and Database but are getting the following error.

    The import AnalysisServices.Database matches no exports. Did you miss a module reference?

    Could you point in the right direction to solve this?

    Thank You, Drickus


  2. Hi Drickus, Did you enter your server name and database name in the light blue cells on the Selection page? The M/Power Queries used follow the pattern = AnalysisServices.Database(ServerSelection, DatabaseSelection) with these two parameters being populated by their own queries. From the Data tab in Excel 16′ you can go to Show Queries and right-click and Edit the ServerSelection and/or DatabaseSelection queries to identify which values are being passed into the DMV queries – the values come from the Selection page and must match your server and database exactly. You’ll also want to make sure you have rights to run the DMVs too – you might create your own query (“select * from $SYSTEM.TMSCHEMA_COLUMNS”) in a separate workbook with an explicit reference to your server and database to test you can run it. If you can run the DMV and you have updated Excel 16′ (with Power Query) you should be able to refresh the queries and metadata reports per the sample workbook with the correct server and database names entered.


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