Sample Power BI Desktop Model Available for Download


Two weeks ago I made a Power Pivot data model based on the new SQL Server 2016 sample data warehouse database (Wide World Importers) available for download in this post.

The following Power BI Desktop file (.pbix within zip folder) represents a direct import or migration of that model:

Power BI Desktop Model

All measures, metadata, relationships, tables, and queries were imported using Power BI Desktop. The two models (Excel and PBI Desktop) can be used for evaluating modeling and report authoring features and processes such as creating DAX metrics and new visualizations. Using Power Query/Query Editor, publishing to the Power BI service, and data refresh features is outside the scope of these two models. (Note: Since the PBIX file was imported from an Excel model with the Mark as Date Table feature all the DAX Date metrics are available despite using integers for date relationships.)

I believe the two models are structurally sound to support essential training and testing (e.g. star schemas, no calculated columns, data categories and types, auto sorting, hidden keys, synonyms, etc) but as always please feel welcome to comment if you have an issue using this file or a question on the design. (Reasonable minds can differ on the best practices and standards to follow, particularly with newer technologies like Power BI)


The following two map visualizations are not included in the sample PBIX as the ESRI map is a new feature you may not have enabled.


Import XLSX to PBIX

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the import process but here’s a quick recap for others:

  1. Open Power BI Desktop – File – Import – Excel Workbook Contentsimporta

2. Select the Excel file containing the queries, model, metadata – Start

3. Import of Power BI content (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View)



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