‘Data Scientist’ Attacks Excel (2007)

Earlier today a self-described data scientist published the following on LinkedIn:


Several comments were posted in response questioning the author’s dubious assertions and general lack of research. My comment was the following:

….”Excel is part of Microsoft’s cloud first, mobile first strategy and vision for intelligent computing – it benefits from ongoing investments in MS Azure, Office 365 and the overall ecosystem. With a few clicks from within Excel you can publish content to the cloud, analyze data hosted in the cloud, and Excel models can be easily migrated to SSAS for greater scale or imported to Power BI for even richer analytical features such as R, Natural Language Queries, algorithm driven insights, role-based security, mobile alerts, and more. Excel itself isn’t intended to solve every BI and analytical need such as visual self-service exploration or paginated reports but it’s very rich, mature data retrieval, analysis and formatting features, the web and mobile Excel versions, 3rd party extensibility support, and Power BI and SharePoint integration make it an important and attractive component to an overall BI toolset.”

Note: As mentioned in the new blog topic schedule  I’ll be focused more on MSBI server products and issues going forward so I don’t want to spend more time on this particular subject, just thought I’d share for readers/subscribers.

See ‘Modern Productivity Anywhere’ slide and the quote “Excel is way more now than just the desktop application people are used to with your formulas…” from MS Ignite 2016.



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