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Hi All –

I wanted to provide a brief update for those of you that check this blog regularly and didn’t find anything new this weekend.

Power BI Book Project

In short, I’ve recently been in contact with a publishing company regarding a Power BI book and the details of this (along with Frontline Analytics projects and Boston BI group) have pulled me away from blogging. The book would be available this Fall and would generally align with several of my past blogs, papers and projects – technical ‘how to’ examples to get more out of the latest MSBI and Power BI tools in approaching common and/or difficult BI/Analytics problems.

I’ll provide essential updates again as I know what my availability will be for Insight Quest over the next several months and what I can share about the book (if anything).  Thanks for giving this blog a chance – it’s been very rewarding to see the site traffic grow and though nothing useful may be added for a while (months actually) I’m cautiously optimistic that the book will make it well worth the wait.

Boston BI User Group

Our next meetup is on March 22 at the Microsoft office in Burlington, MA. The topic is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016 with Sunil Kadimdiwan as our speaker. See the official meetup event page for details and be sure to RSVP there if attending. (Without RSVP, you won’t be allowed in)

The following meetup will likely be on April 26 (4th Wednesday of each month). We have several good speakers and interesting topics to choose from so more info on this will be discussed at the event and on the meetup site.

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