Boston BI Group Update

For the last several weeks Paresh Motiwala and I have been helping organize the Boston BI User Group. Due to a number of factors there hadn’t been a group meeting since June but with support from Slava Kokaev, long time organizer, and George Walters as our Microsoft sponsor, we had a successful March event on SSRS 2016. Last week we officially became organizers so here’s a quick overview and update.


Event Location

  • 5 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA (MS Office)


We’re targeting the 4th Wednesday of every month at the Burlington office. Occasionally, such as this month, we can be flexible.

  • 5/24 (To Be Announced)
  • 6/28 (TBD)

Paresh is responsible for PASS Chapter leadership and I’m handling Power BI User Group (PUG) leader activities. I believe we’ve made good progress in terms of a pipeline of speakers and events that members will value and we’re actively working on a sponsor. We certainly have a need for other volunteer organizers – I’ll share more details on the group meetup page.

*I’ll just add in closing that this group is important to me on a personal level. When I was getting started in BI I’d come to the events in Cambridge and, though I couldn’t follow along completely at the time or even use most of the technologies at work, I was just fascinated by the content – I’d think about the presentations and related ideas for days afterwards. Boston BI events and relationships were a real bright spot for me and I hope many others take away similar experiences going forward.

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