Power BI Cookbook Available for Pre-Order

Power BI Cookbook

The Microsoft Power BI Cookbook is now available for pre-order:

Power BI Cookbook


The book is dedicated to my father, Craig S. Powell. I believe he would be proud

Table of Contents

  1. Configuring Power BI Development Tools
  2. Accessing and Retrieving Data
  3. Building a Power BI Data Model
  4. Authoring Power BI Reports
  5. Creating Power BI Dashboards
  6. Getting Serious with Date Intelligence
  7. Parameterizing Your Power BI Solutions
  8. Implementing Dynamic User-Based Visibility in Power BI
  9. Applying Advanced Analytics and Custom Visuals
  10. Developing Solutions for System Monitoring and Administration
  11. Enhancing and Optimizing Existing Power BI Solutions
  12. Deploying and Distributing Power BI Content
  13. Integrating Power BI with other Applications


  • 580 Pages
  • Updated with latest features and services including Power BI Premium, App Workspaces and Apps, ArcGIS GeoSpatial, new mobile features, and much more
  • Oriented toward Corporate or Enterprise BI (eg reference architectures)


*Have now started on Ch. 13.

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