Power BI World Tour: New York

Power BI World Tour

  • I’ll be presenting at the Power BI World Tour event in New York from 9/19 – 9/20
  • My session, Power BI Dataset Design, is on 9/19 (Tuesday) from 3:30 to 4:30

Session Description

A Power BI Desktop file can be much more than just a report. With thoughtful design of the data connectivity, retrieval, modeling and analytical expressions, a Power BI dataset can scale to support reporting across multiple business processes, teams, and use cases. This scalability is further enhanced with new and future Power BI premium features as well as migration to SQL Server Analysis Services. This presentation focuses on fundamental dataset design and development topics including the choice and implementation of DirectQuery versus Import datasets, how to parameterize your data sources and queries, how to design efficient, manageable data retrieval processes, and data modeling topics including bidirectional versus single direction relationships. In this fast-paced demo heavy session, top design patterns with both the M and DAX functional language will be described as a means to build robust, sustainable datasets.

Note: Related content can be found in the Microsoft Power BI Cookbook.

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