SQL Saturday Boston

SQL Saturday Boston

  • I’ll be presenting at the SQL Saturday in Boston on 9/23
  • My session regarding data model relationship patterns is from 1 to 2

Session Description

The relationships defined in Power BI and SSAS Tabular data models directly impact both the filter context and the performance of queries. This session will briefly review the fundamentals of relationships in Power BI and SSAS Tabular models including filter propagation in classic one-to-many star schema relationships. The majority of the session, however, will cover the features and design patterns available to handle common but more complex modeling scenarios such as many-to-many, multiple granularities, counting values from dimension tables, and implementing ‘virtual relationships’ via DAX when physical relationships can’t be created in the model.

Example models will be shared using single and bidirectional relationships as well as relationship functions such as CROSSFILTER(), USERELATIONSHIP(), and TREATAS(). Recommended practices for choosing and implementing the alternative modeling techniques will be shared along with relationship pitfalls to avoid.

Note: Related content can be found in Chapter 3 of the Microsoft Power BI Cookbook


  1. This sounds like a great session, so much potential in this duo. Hopefully the slides/content will be available for the west coasters (although I want to make it out to a New England SQL Saturday)


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