New Excel 2016 Charts; Ignite Sessions


In last week’s post I made available a sample Power Pivot data model for Excel and referenced two videos from the MS Data Insights Summit regarding Excel, SSRS and their relationship with Power BI. MS Ignite was this past week and offered further clarity on the direction and roadmap of the individual products and MSBI generally.

There are many topics I’d like to blog about soon but for this week I used the sample Excel data model (Wide World Importers) to build reports with the new Excel 2016 native chart types (see slideshow at bottom) and used the new forecasting capability.

Note: I used DAX queries against the data model to return Excel tables to support the charts and since this isn’t common (though not very complex) I’d rather hold off on making the file itself available.

The following two sessions from Ignite cover the Power BI-Excel relationship (better together: 1+1=3) and Excel’s new charts and roadmap in great detail.


At the 1:35 minute mark:
“We’re trying to build tighter integration between these two environments (PBI Desktop, Excel) so you can start in one and migrate to the other depending on what your needs warrant.”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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