Quick Update; Thank You


The Power BI Desktop to Excel 2016 feature compare post is now available. With so much functionality in both tools the post had to be lengthy but I think the essential issues were addressed. I may implement a few more tweaks and as always feel welcome to comment.

Two other shorter posts were added this weekend with Local DAX Queries and Windows Cortana to Power BI. These weren’t mentioned in the blog topic schedule so you might check them out too – both features have their place in the toolset.

The blog schedule has been modified to split the SSRS to SSAS via DAX queries into two parts across two weeks. Part I will cover more of the essentials (connectivity, report design in SSDT, new charts). Part II will go further into more complex DAX and reports.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you for reading and apparently sharing this blog with others. Similar to this past week, there will regularly be quick technical ‘how to’ posts but the primary ‘consumer’ of this blog will be the BI managers, architects, and consultants and the solution design and BI architecture issues we face.






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