New York and Boston Event Slides

Hi All –

My presentation slides from the Power BI World Tour event in New York and the Boston SQL Saturday are available here:

Power BI Dataset Design

Relationship Modeling Patterns in SSAS and Power BI

The two sessions were about 80% demo/example driven but I used the slides to introduce concepts that were later demonstrated. (I can’t share the PBIX files as some of this material is closely related to my books)

Boston SQL Saturday BI Edition (9/23/2017)
Dimensional Modeling Patterns in SSAS and Power BI (9/23/2017)

*I haven’t received any feedback yet but the attendees seemed to generally appreciate the quick pace and breadth of topics supported by technical examples.  (With Power BI and dataset presentations it’s always a challenge to maintain scope and not go too far into DAX, M, or specific scenarios.)

The clear highlight for me was the opportunity to briefly meet Christian Wade from the Analysis Services team. I was also able to reconnect with Greg Baldini, Philadelphia PUG leader, fellow Power BI World Tour speaker, and my friend.


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