Husker Power BI Preview

On October 25th, 1997, I attended a football (American) game in Lawrence, Kansas between the number 1 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Kansas Jayhawks. It was a cold and rainy night which, in addition to a lopsided score, prompted some family members to suggest we leave early. I wasn’t old enough to legally drive at the time and thus had to plead that we stay till the end as I was enthralled by various attributes, behaviors and subtle details of a team that would go on to win a national championship several weeks later.

On October 27th, 2018, I’ll be presenting two sessions at SQL Saturday Lincoln (Nebraska), one of which is titled “Husker Power BI”. This blog post outlines the five sections included of this presentation and provides a preview of a few demo examples to be referenced in each section.

 Section 1: Intro and Background

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Section 2: User Experience in Power BI

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Section 3: Dataset Development in Power BI Desktop

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Section 4: Report Development

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Section 5: Administration

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Wrapping Up

On July 1st, 2018 I wrote in Quantitative Tightening Analyzed that “if something significant happens in the financial markets later this year, such as a bear market in stocks or bonds, I’ll definitely revisit this topic and extend this simple example.” Recent volatility in treasury yields and equity markets suggests this could be a great topic for after my Power BI World Tour – Seattle presentation later this month.


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